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Install an EV charger with Autoenterprise

Would you like to low down electric vehicle charger installation and maintenance costs while increasing benefits of fast electric vehicle charging? We are providing 5 years manufacture warranty on all our AC stations and 5 years warranty to DC (power AC/DC module only 1 year warranty).

If you are interested in this offer, please, contact Autoenterprise to make an appointment or get more information. Also, you can send your enquiry to office@autoenterprise.co.uk, and we will answer you within 2 hours.

A few details about our installation services

Our company is ready to install all types of electric vehicle charging stations nationwide in following locations:

  • dwellings
  • on-street locations
  • commercial and industrial premises

Putting your priorities at first and understanding your electric car charging needs and having our own manufacture we do our best to proceed to the station installation works within a few days of the order. Of course, installation time varies depending on the number and difficulty of electrical and ground works concerning with this process, but our skilled engineers manage to complete the most challenging task in a day as they start. A typical time-consuming while installing, for example, a level 2 (mode 2) charger at home is no more than 20-30minuts.

Using our huge experience and great knowledge we always find optimal technical solutions. If necessary, we assist you in obtaining additional electrical power, developing the project documentation, and its approval. Also, our team willingly prepares all papers to get the OLEV grant.

Why choose us

All our engineers and electricians are skilled, trained, licensed, and experienced to perform all installation work rapidly, in accordance with the IET code of practice of EV charging equipment installation and other regulations and standards. So, you can be sure about the safety of your installed electric vehicle chargers and connectors.

Due to our well-organized teamwork we ensure installation of an EV charging station is carried out with minimal disruption to your routine or the normal operation of your business, staff or car parking. Appreciating your time we never allow ourselves to delay an appointment or be late.

All these advantages, including long-term work guarantee, technical and consulting support, we are ready to propose at the best possible price. Remember that main part of your costs can be subsidized by the OLEV grant, so you and your staff can enjoy fast charging while keeping your budget.