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Autoenterprise: we sell the best charging solutions for an electric vehicle

Any EV owner appreciates possibility to charge his vehicle quickly. Fast charging is an excellent opportunity to save time during a long trip or just at home routine and casual life, when every hour and every minute is of great value. You don’t want to spend half of your life awaiting you get your electric vehicle ready to ride. You wish to reduce your time loss as much as possible.

At Autoenterprise we understand this wish and recognize time value. That’s why we are engaged in EV rapid charger trade and production and strive to represent you our best charging products.

Our EV solutions

We supply and install a great range of electric vehicle charging stations for commercial and domestic purposes:

  • DC level 3 charging station (Mode 4)
  • AC level 2 charging station (Mode 2)
  • EV wall charger or charging sockets

Level 3 (Mode 4) DC fast charger is known also as a rapid charging station. Supplying high power direct current right to the electric car battery DC charging takes from 20 minutes to charge a vehicle. Only our DC fast chargers provide REAL power during all charging time what reduce your charging time around 12%. Other our charging solutions are also fast enough but use alternative current of lower voltage and can be installed for offices and businesses as well as for home.

Also, we provide turnkey EV charger installation and are ready to deal with the OLEV grant in compliance with home charge or workplace scheme.

Our main EV charger advantages

Every our EV DC fast charger, as well as other our electronic chargers, is designed to be safe, smart, and easy to use.

There is no voltage on the connector side when the device is disconnected from the electric vehicle. A built-in controller prevents a device from overheating and the risk of fire. Al these features provide absolute safety at use. All our commercial EV charging stations are equipped with an LCD display and automatically updated software that enables you to have real-time insights and full control. For EV owner’s convenience we supply some EVSE with tethered cable up to 7 meters. Also, we develop and apply unique auto recognition system to make charging even more easy.

All our products are supplied with 5 years parts and labor guarantee that emphasizes they long lifetime (not include AC/DC modules in the DC stations. Only one year.)

Get connected with Autoenterprise

If you are looking for reliable, quick, and safe EV charger, buy it now or get in touch with our sales team by phone or email and feel free to ask any questions you have:

  • +123456789
  • office@autoenterprise.co.uk

Our managers are good at consulting about types and connectors of EV fast charging stations and they are always ready to assist you in selecting the appropriate one.