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Sockets by Autoenterprise

At Autoenterprise we offer a wide range of charging sockets so that it can be compatible with every electric car. As there are several fast charging standards, we strongly recommend you to think about the inlet port of the electric vehicle you are going to charge. This step is very important because it determines compatibility of the EV charger and the charging vehicle. Therefore, it affects your choice between electric vehicle charger types.
If you have difficulty determining the appropriate connector, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. You are always welcomed to ask your questions by phone or drop us a line on office@autoenterprise.co.uk.

Connector types we offer

For your convenience, here we specify the difference between AC and DC connectors.

AC connectors

When it concerns AC connectors that provide fast charging, we are ready to propose following EV charging plug types:

  • Type 1 (tethered) that is usually used by Asian and American manufacturers
  • Type 2 (tethered) that European EV models are equipped with
  • Type 3 schuko for motorbikes and golf carts

Such AC connectors are widely used in a wall mounted charger for an electric car. Although type 2 sockets and connectors are commonly used in UK, make sure that the electric vehicle you are going to charge is compatible with such EV charger.

DC connectors

When it comes to a Mode 3 and Mode 4 rapid car chargers that supply a vehicle with direct current charging, we are ready to offer following DC connectors:

  • Chademo
  • Type 1 combo CCS
  • Type 2 combo CCS

All of them provide power at 50 kW (125A) and enable you to charge a vehicle with rapid-charging capability in 20-40 minutes. The Chademo charging standard is used by Japanese car alliance, while Type 1 CCS and Type 2 CCS DC charging station are designed, respectively, by American and European EV manufactures.

Why purchase EV charging sockets at Autoenterprise

Here the main features of electric car charging sockets we trade are worth to mention for all charger types:

  • have internal electrical protection, and safety certification,
  • have compliance standards,
  • stylish designed,
  • made of durable materials

We always provide 5 years guarantee for all our charging sockets. Also, we are ready to install these products with the OLEV grant, if you are eligible for its conditions.

So, acquire our products and rest assured you get all benefits at a minimum price.