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Autoenterprise charging stations

Being a happy owner of an electric vehicle, you face the need to charge it almost every day. But charging an EV with a device that comes with it is too long to enjoy all benefits of a plug-in automobile. Also, as you understand, daily use of a standard power socket is not recommended for mains. So, you need to install a level 2 charger (EVSE), specially designed to get an electric car battery full just in a few hours. Level 1 – home charge. Level 2 public charge. Level 3 DC charge.

Autoenterprise provides the most advanced EV solutions such as level 1 and 2 (from 16 to 40 Amps) EV charger to be installed for commercial use or level 1 (up to 16 Amp) EV charger to be installed at home or for workplace. If you are well-informed about our products, buy it now and get full advantage of fast charging your electric vehicle. If you want to know more about our EV solutions or if you need to be assisted in your choice, contact us by phone or leave your enquiry at office@autoenterprise.co.uk.

A few details about level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations we propose

Striving to keep up with technology development and growing demand for fast EV charging, we offer a large assortment of level 2 (Mode 2) and level 3 (mode 4) electric vehicle chargers that are:

  • fast
  • compliant with any vehicle
  • reliable
  • safe
  • smart

As it is mentioned above, level 1 charger provides fast charging at home. It takes 10 hours to charge your vehicle battery. Every level charger is compliant with any of existing EV plugs: Type 1 & Type 2. Level 3 EVSE provides rapid charging in 30 minutes due to greater voltage power supply. These devices are compatible with CCS and Chademo connectors that transmit direct current to an EV battery. L2 and L3 charging station water-resistant design gives you confidence in its safe and smooth running even in when it’s raining. For your safety, a connector is powered only when it is plugged in a vehicle. So, you can be sure there is no issue for electrocution. All our level 3 EV chargers and some models of our level 2 electric car chargers are equipped with on-line control function that let you manage the device and control your energy consumption through the mobile app.

Why our proposal is worth to pay attention

As proof of our product high reliability our company provides All our products are supplied with 5 years parts and labor guarantee that emphasizes they long lifetime (not include AC/DC modules in the DC stations. Only a year) if it is installed by our engineers. We are happy that we can help you to save your budget with the OLEV grant when you purchase our EVSE together with our installation services.